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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Businessmen Profiles: Charles N. Mead (1897)

Businessmen Profiles: Charles N. Mead
Greenwich Graphic. Saturday, February 20, 1897. Page 3

There is an immense variety of articles now included under the head of dry and fancy goods, and the number of such is constantly increasing as the popular demand for novelties calls forth fresh fabrics and original "notions." It naturally follows that the only way to offer anywhere near a complete assortment is to carry a very heavy as well as varied stock, and that is to be found at the establishment conducted by Mr. Charles N. Mead, coated on Greenwich Avenue, for it comprises dry goods, fancy goods, notions, carpets, oilcloths, gent's furnishing goods, etc., in endless variety, and at the same time is composed of fresh, seasonable and reliable articles, the proprietor considering his store space too valuable to be occupied by "back number" goods. The residents of Greenwich have not been at all slow in recognizing the advantages held out at this popular store. Competent and reliable assistants are employed ad prompt and courteous attention is assured to every caller, while the prices quoted will bear the severest scrutiny and comparison. This business was established by Messrs. Mead & Brush, Mr. Mead becoming the sole proprietor about six years ago. He is an experienced and enterprising business man, highly esteemed in social and commercial circles by all who know him and enjoys the confidence and respect of the community. 

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