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Friday, November 9, 2012

Businessmen Profiles: Alexander Mead (1897)

Source: Greenwich Graphic. Saturday, February 20, 1897. Page 4.

The great increase in the demand for flowers of late years is one of the most noticeable indications of the pronounced gain in culture which is so evident on every side and which is so astonishing to foreign critics in this country, who are unable to understand how culture can be so general in a land where practically everyone works for a living, and where there is no recognized aristocracy. Flowers are now in demand for all occasions, whether of joy or sorrow, and everyone who goes into society at all will find it very useful to know where appropriate floral designs can be obtained without delay and at moderate prices. Many residents of Greenwich and vicinity are already acquainted with the establishment of Mr. Alexander Mead, located on Lake Avenue. Mr. Mead owns a farm of 16 acres. In February 1867, he built hothouses to raise early tomatoes, 10 X 20 feet in size, after supplying his own wants he gave the tomato plants away. Seeing a chance for business he added twenty feet in length to the hothouse, making it 10 X 40 feet, which was heated by an old coal stove. From this beginning the present plant was now grown, consisting of eight houses, covering about one acre. This was the first greenhouse erected in Greenwich, the nearest one being in Stamford. The premises are artistically fitted up and stocked with a choice assortment greenhouse plants for home decoration; also pinks, carnations, cut flowers, all kinds of bouquets and floral pieces. This enterprise was established in 1867 and enjoys and enviable reputation. All orders are promptly attended to. Mr. Mead was born in Greenwich May 27, 1835. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all born on the premises. He is an active business man, full of energy and enterprise and is highly regarded in social and commercial circles, and is greatly esteemed by the public in general. 

Businessmen Profiles: S. Warren Mead (1897)

S. Warren Mead
Greenwich Graphic. Saturday, February 20, 1897. Page 4.

The most complete establishment devoted to the sale of stationery, musical merchandise, etc., is undoubtedly throne conducted by the subject of this brief sketch, Mr. S. Warren Mead. This business was established about twelve years ago, Mr. S. Warren Mead becoming proprietor eight years ago. The premises occupied are neatly arranged and well stocked with a fine line of office, school and fancy stationery, musical merchandise of every description, birthday cards, pocketbooks, all kinds of games, fine cutlery, etc., all of which are sold at the very lowest prices, consistent with the quality of the goods handled. The latest and best goods, no "old style" stock being allowed to accumulate, and all orders are promptly and satisfactorily attended to. Mr. Mead is a native of Greenwich. he is well known throughout Greenwich and vicinity as a straightforward and conscientious business man and private citizen and well deserves the success he has achieved.

Businessmen Profiles: Charles N. Mead (1897)

Businessmen Profiles: Charles N. Mead
Greenwich Graphic. Saturday, February 20, 1897. Page 3

There is an immense variety of articles now included under the head of dry and fancy goods, and the number of such is constantly increasing as the popular demand for novelties calls forth fresh fabrics and original "notions." It naturally follows that the only way to offer anywhere near a complete assortment is to carry a very heavy as well as varied stock, and that is to be found at the establishment conducted by Mr. Charles N. Mead, coated on Greenwich Avenue, for it comprises dry goods, fancy goods, notions, carpets, oilcloths, gent's furnishing goods, etc., in endless variety, and at the same time is composed of fresh, seasonable and reliable articles, the proprietor considering his store space too valuable to be occupied by "back number" goods. The residents of Greenwich have not been at all slow in recognizing the advantages held out at this popular store. Competent and reliable assistants are employed ad prompt and courteous attention is assured to every caller, while the prices quoted will bear the severest scrutiny and comparison. This business was established by Messrs. Mead & Brush, Mr. Mead becoming the sole proprietor about six years ago. He is an experienced and enterprising business man, highly esteemed in social and commercial circles by all who know him and enjoys the confidence and respect of the community.