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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Our Neglected Cemeteries: Greenwich Press, 1929

Greenwich Press: Thursday, January 3, 1929.

A drive about town reveals cemeteries, no longer in use, that have not only sunk into a state of oblivion but have been allowed annually to grow a crop of weeds and tall grass, overshadowing in many instances the tombstones. The Press does not know who is responsible for such a deplorable condition, but it does know that discredit is being reflected every day that this condition is allowed to continue.

The fact that Greenwich is not the only community where cemeteries have been virtually abandoned does not excuse this town. Possibly some of these cemeteries were originally family burying grounds and maintained by the family using them. Nevertheless, they still come under the classification of a cemetery and should continue to be treated with the same respect. To allow them to be forgotten is showing disrespect to the remains of those who rest there.

Were not the cemeteries dotted with tombstones erected in memory of loved ones, the offense against the dead would not be so great. But the tombstones cause their identity to stand out boldly, bringing remarks from those who pass. Visitors, in particular, notice these abandoned burying grounds and wonder why they are so treated. They stand out in startling contrast to the natural beauty of Greenwich.

Something should be done about this condition. It would cost comparatively little to bring back these cemeteries to their former beauty and to keep them in such a condition. The improvement in appearance would more than balance the expense. If the town does not feel that it should bear the expense, why could not some of our enterprising organizations put their shoulder to the wheel? Property owners in the vicinity of the cemetery might well lend their aid to the proposition. Improvement of the cemeteries could not help but increase the value of their holdings.

In any event, something should be done and be done quickly. Greenwich should never forget its dead, whether they have been dead a year or 100 years. They did their part in making this town what it is today and their memory should not be forgotten.