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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Whitman Bailey: Milo Mead, A Prominent Citizen of Greenwich in the Eighties (1929)

Source: Greenwich News and Graphic. Tuesday, October 29, 1929.

Old photographs have a marvelous way of awakening interest in a place and of recalling citizens of other days. Sketched from an early likeness, Milo Mead is shown here just outside his barn, where he was usually found, unless he was fulfilling his Sunday duty by going to church.

Milo Mead was the son of Deacon Jonas Mead. During the early eighties, he decided that the shore lands, bordering the Byram River, could be made into a thriving investment. Deacon Mead had left by will considerable property to __ his sons, Milo and Mark, but the former appears t have been the typical up-and-coming financier of the family. The vast farmland which Milo now owned was cut up into small lots, for which he obtained the sum of $200 per lot. Doubtless a fair-sized sum of money, when one considered a fortune at that time.

What was sold, and built upon, the entire section bordering this side of the river was called Meadville. But some years later this name was changed to New Lebanon, which still clings, I believe, in connection with the titles of certain buildings about this neighborhood of and the Lebanon dock, situated in what is now known as East Port Chester. A misleading name is this East Port Chester, for there and some people who still believe that they are residing outside the township.

After this land was plotted out of Greenwich. When Milo Mead was asked why, he changed the name of Meadville to New Lebanon, he replied that it was because of the cedar trees which grew abundantly along the shore, since they reminded him of the cedars of Lebanon mentioned in the Bible.

Milo Mead lived to a good old age. He was always keenly interested in the development of Greenwhich [Greenwich] until he died, August 2, 1906. On that day the town lost a much-beloved and worthy citizen.

Whitman Bailey. 

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