Welcome to our news and history blog!

Welcome to our news and history blog!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moonlight Marriages Barred in Greenwich: January 12, 1900

We found this article in the archives of the New York Times. Published on January 12, 1900, it features comments by then-Town Clerk James R. Mead. It seems New Yorkers were venturing to Greenwich in order to be married under the evening moonlight, spoiling many evenings for Mead, his assistant, Greenwich clergy and Justices of the Peace. Enjoy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New York Times 1910: TELLS STRANGE TALE OF TWEED'S FLIGHT; Greenwich Man Says He Escaped on Train to Cos Cob, Where Couple Awaited Him

Special to The New York Times: December 7, 1910, Wednesday

GREENWICH, Conn., Dec. 6 -- After a silence of more than thirty years, Judge Frederick A. Hubbard of this town has published in a local paper a story which he believes explains the method by which Boss William M. Tweed got away from New York after his escape from Ludlow Street Jail on Dec. 4, 1875.

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