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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mrs. Solomon Stoddard Mead (Mary Sands), North Greenwich.

Caroline Mills Smith Mead's Real Estate Developments in Cos Cob

In the June 11, 1910 announcement of Caroline Mills Smith Mead's funeral it was mentioned that: 

Mrs. Mead owned a large acreage of Cos Cob property, and although advanced in years was deeply interested in building up that part of the town, opening up her land into desirable building lots, handsome cottages having been built on many, Mrs. Mead's wish being that only a good class of houses be constructed, and the attractive section known as Mead Circle, which has so rapidly built up the past few years, was a part of her holdings. 

A recent trip to the Greenwich Town Clerk's office reaped a reward in the form of maps of Caroline's subdivisions and and developments in Cos Cob: