Welcome to our news and history blog!

Welcome to our news and history blog!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Visitation Etiquette: Some Things You Need to Know

We are occasionally asked about visiting the three cemeteries under the care of the Association. Here are some items you need to know.

-We ask that you contact the Association by email at meadburyinggrounds@gmail.com. Please provide us with your full name, phone and/or email address and which site you wish to visit. 

-If you are looking for historical information send your inquiry to us in advance since it helps expedite the process. We encourage you to use the Search box on this blog site. You may find what you are looking for here. 

-If you are visiting from out-of-town or from out-of-state let us know when you wish to visit -the sooner the better.

-Be respectful. Yes, this makes common sense, we hope. 

-Do not leave any trash whatsoever.

-Stone-rubbing is not permitted. Photography is permitted.

-We ask that you not leave memorials such as coins, flowers, photos and so on. 

-We remind all that the three isolated family plots under our direct care and stewardship are not public cemeteries. Family descendants are certainly permitted to visit the graves of their ancestors.

-There are designated rights-of-ways that connect the cemeteries to the roads and streets for purposes on ingress and egress. Please do not stray on to the properties of our neighbors. 

-There are many Mead ancestors interred in other cemeteries and burying grounds around Greenwich. Rules vary with each. 

If you have any further questions kindly contact the Association by email at meadburyinggrounds@gmail.com. Thank you. 

Fourth of July: Grave Sites of Soldiers of the American Revolution, Greenwich, Connecticut

"Dearfields," at 8 Grove Lane. 

Resting eternally in Greenwich, Connecticut's cemeteries and burying grounds are those who fought and served in the American Revolution. 

Below is a compiled listing of their names. 

You'll notice that some names are not Mead descendants, at least by surname. We remind our readers that as our ancestors were prolific we surmise that many of those listed here are related to the Mead's of Greenwich through descent, marriage and so forth. 

*We expect this list to be updated.

Happy July 4, American Independence Day. 

Adams Family Cemetery, Old Greenwich
John Adams 1746-1834

Cherry Hill Cemetery, Stanwich
Ezekiel Reynolds 1747-1833

Christ Church Greenwich
Ebenezer Mead 1748-1818
Abraham Close 1762- March 9, 1841
Joseph Close 1758- August 23, 1840 aged 80 years & 2 months
Drake Seymour (?)

Close Family Cemetery, Clapboard Ridge
Capt. Odle Close 1738-1812

First Congregational Church, Old Greenwich
Drake Lockwood 1763-1801
Enos Lockwood 1763-1818
Messenger Lockwood 1764-1849

Green-Willson Family Cemetery, Glenville
Capt. James Green 1716-1838 (?)
Reuben Coe d. March 21, 1822
Jonathan Coe d. Nov. 28, 1809

Hitchcock Family Cemetery, Cos Cob
Thomas Hitchcock  d. December 29, 1813 aged 56 years & 4 months.

Howe Family Cemetery, Peckland
Capt. Isaac Howe died 1711-1779
Ensign Isaac Howe 1749-1823

Knapp Family Cemetery, Round Hill
Joshua Knapp 1761-1823

Lewis Family Cemetery, Greenwich
Rev. Isaac Lewis

Mead Family Cemetery, Stanwich
Capt. Caleb Mead 1716-1798

Mead Family Burying Ground, North Greenwich
Obadiah Mead
Benjamin Mead III

Mead Family Burying Ground, Lot & Drake's Corner Stanwich
Caleb Mead

Mills Family Cemetery, Clapboard Ridge
Samuel Mills d. January 22, 1841 aged 89 years.

New Burial Ground Association Cemetery 
(next to Second Congregational Church)
Dr. Elisha Belcher d. Dec. 23, 1823
Dr. Amos Mead d. Feb. 24, 1807
Andrew Mead d. April 21, 1821
Jared Mead d. May 8, 1832
Joshua Mead d. May 30, 1812
Richard Mead d. April 21, 1826
Justus Sackett d. Jan. 15, 1827
Deacon Abraham Mead  d. Nov. 24, 1827
Zaccheus Mead d. October 27, 1846
Benjamin Brush d. March 8, 1847
Peter Mead, Jr. 1755-1832
John Addington  d. Dec. 14, 1830 aged 87 years, 3 months, 6 days.

Old Burying Ground at Byram
Daniel Lyon d. Aug. 29, 1817
Daniel Sherwood d. June 1, 1826

Old Burying Ground at Cos Cob
Capt. Sylvanus Mead

Old Burying Ground at North Greenwich 
Jehiel Mead d. July 16, 1826 aged 84 years
Silas Mead, Jr. d. June 8, 1813
Levi Mead
Calvin Mead

Peck Family Cemetery, Pecksland
Theophilus Peck, d. June 8, 1812,
aged 83 years, 2 months and 24 days.

Round Hill Cemetery
Nathaniel Husted d. January 20, 1826
Nehemiah Brown, Jr., d. August 8, 1840 aged 85 years.

Stanwich Congregational Church Cemetery
James Ferris (1740-1780)

Tomac Cemetery, Old Greenwich
James Ferris (1729-1812
Jeduthan Ferris (1737-1807)
Nathaniel Ferris 1733-1823
Samuel Ferris 1733-1798
Stephen Ferris 1742-1824
Jonathan Jessup 1731-1804
Enos Knapp 1757-1825
Titus Knapp 1748-1838
Philip Lockwood 1740-1831
Capt. Samuel Lockwood 1738-1807
Jeremiah Palmer 1751- 1825
Sgt. John Wood Palmer 1753-1795
Moses Peck 1750-1828
Ensign Robert Peck 1739-1827
Deacon Samuel Peck 1720-1793
Capt. Henry Waring 1744-1830
Alexander "Sandy" Hendrie 1749-1832
Edward Lockwood (?)