Welcome to our news and history blog!

Welcome to our news and history blog!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Benjamin Mead II House: Circa 1728 on the Former Solomon Mead Farm, North Greenwich

Hydrants and History in North Greenwich (Solomon Mead Farm, North Greenwich)

You don't see these too often. There are at least two hydrants on what was the Solomon Mead Farm in North Greenwich. While spring cleaning the family cemetery off Cliffdale Road we found two of these. 

The one pictured above is located near where the Benjamin Mead III House stood at the corner of Riversville and Cliffdale roads. 

These were installed at a time when fire protection was the responsibility of individual land owners, especially at a time when most of Greenwich's backcountry consisted of farms and estates. You were left on your own should your house, barn or whatever outbuilding was in flames. We suspect that under the sod are underground talks where rainwater was stored. 

Spring 2016: Clean-up at the Mead Family Cemetery at North Greenwich

Winter's wrath has dissipated and Spring is underway! 

The association is pleased to report that spring clean-ups are well underway at the family cemetery plots under our care.

These images were captured today of the family cemetery plot in North Greenwich. Work was performed over this past weekend.