Welcome to our news and history blog!

Welcome to our news and history blog!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Cemetery Care Update: North Greenwich and Cos Cob Mill Pond

We can report that the cemeteries in North Greenwich and off Cos Cob's Mill Pond have been cared for. 

Not only has the grass been cut in the cemeteries but also the access ways leading to and from them. 

Online: Roger Selchow Map of North Greenwich

The hand drawn maps of Greenwich by Roger Selchow are nearly legendary. Print copies have graced the homes of Greenwich residents and expats since they were made available in the 20th century. 

If you do not have one this news may bring a smile. An online version of Selchow's map of North Greenwich is freely available for you online. Go to this link. Visitors have the ability to enlarge portions of the image. Enjoy! 

Picture: Jared Mead House/Silleck House on Steamboat Road

We came across this 20th century photo image of what was known as the Jared Mead House, or Silleck House -or most recently, the Sundial Apartments. 

The building is located on the west side of Steamboat Road next door to the Indian Harbor Yacht Club. 

It was sold this past December. The site is expected to be redeveloped into apartments or condominiums. We have not heard of a scheduled date for demolition.