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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

"Beautiful Quaker Ridge" Saturday, August 1, 1903

From the Greenwich News-Graphic
Saturday, August 1, 1903

Barely Four Miles Long it is Noteworthy for theMagnificent View That it Affords. The Old Solomon Stoddard Mead Homestead on its Breeze Swept Crest.

It has often been said _____ truth that the principal charm of this section of Connecticut lies in the irregularity of its soil formation, and in the ____ing country where hills and dales are unexpectedly formed and again lost ___anging the scenery at every time. ___ instance of this erratic though ____ pleasing typography is found in Quaker Ridge, which can only be adequately described as a long hill on the crest by which runs the highway from Glenville to North Castle. The ridge begins at about a mile before reaching the well-known Solomon S. Mead homestead and ends at North Castle, a short distance, four miles replete with interesting views and lined with a number of historic homes and buildings. From the Mead place the view is superb, and to the south the sloping land to the Sound and Island, on the horizon to the east one sees beyond Clapboard Ridge the fine country with the white spire of the New Canaan Church in evidence; northward Round Hill and its picturesque buildings nestling among the elms and maples presents a rural picture of indescribable charms and the the west the King street ridge stands boldly against the sky.

Quaker Ridge as the name implies was originally settled by the members of the Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers, who have long ago abandoned this particular locality. Many are still to be found on King street on the west ridge to the west and at Purchase where there are two meeting houses for members of this worthy and peaceful sect. At North Castle and old meeting house, the very one which was the place of worship for the Friends ______ presence gave the name Quaker Ridge is slowly falling to pieces and being used for a stable. It is remarkable that some wealthy members of this Society do not take steps to preserve this meeting house so deeply imbued with their traditions and love.

Close by this old meeting house of the Friends is the old trad___ barn where Major Andre was confined ___ the Revolutionary days when he was arrested as a spay by Paulding, W____ and Van Wert. From there he was taken over the Hudson River and executed by orders of General Washington. That barn, like the meeting house is also to be destroyed by the City of New York as a nuisance on the banks of the river, together with the old grist mill and many tenements which surround it. 

The time limited for the destruction of all the condemned buildings along the banks of the river is August 10. We will see what will be done.

The Mead place which curiously enough is just six miles distant from Greenwich, Port Chester and Stanwich, and also six miles direst east from White Plains and ten miles south of old Bedford Village proper, attracts more than unusual attention on account of its historic associations and the beautiful building and grounds. The records of the township show that a number of parcels of land were set out to Benjamin Mead, senior and Benjamin Mead junior, on Quaker Ridge. Mead senior was one of the original "27 proprietors of 1672," who owned the land which is now Greenwich township. Mead junior, left the old homestead which he had built to his grandson, Obadiah Mead father of the present Solomon S. Mead. Since that date the old homestead has been reconstructed without destroying architectural style and harmony. The original nails have been resharpened at a cost of 7 cents per pound and used again, although new ones could have been purchased at 3 cents per pound. The old fireplace is restored and on two of the stones may be seen the names Ralph Mead and Benjamin Mead carved in the stone with the date May 10, 1808. The interior of the house has been refurnished and one can see therein the dainty ______ of a woman's hand. Mr. Solomon S. Mead has in his possession several interesting relics, including a jacket _____ by Obadiah Mead, Sr., a Revolutionary soldier, who was shot on the farm, _____ bullet holes are still to be seen although the jacket is falling to pieces with ____ also a powder horn with the date 175_ and a pair of curtains over two hundred years old. 

Mr. Mead for a number of years gave his special attention to the breeding of horses, colts, and stock _____ all kinds all year around. He _____ a very successful business and _____ his patrons were many prominent _____. Recently his business has become the property of his daughters Sarah Carpenter and Agnes Varker who are keeping up the standard of excellence established by Mr. Mead, with such changes and ___rations as are required by modern methods of care of blooded horses and _____ winners.

Mr. Mead is a hale ____hearty man of 77, who belies his age ___. He is cordial and hospitable and a ____ of weight in the community. For many years he was identified with the Congregational Church at Quaker Ridge of which he is the oldest member at present. A prim republican of Whig antecedents he has never craved political ______. His entire life has been committed to useful pursuits and to the development of Quaker Ridge farm, which is at the summit of the Ridge, stands as a reminder to him and to his people of a faithful, laborious and worthy life.