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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Back From a Long Automobile Trip (1909)

Source: Greenwich Graphic. Saturday, August 28, 1909. Page 1.

A. Newton Mead and Everett Mead Had a Splendid Time and Were Royally Treated Enroute.

Everett and his brother A. Newton Mead arrived in  Greenwich Wednesday afternoon from their long automobile trip across the country and back.

They looked the picture of health and said that he had had the time of their lives. They would not have missed the experience although they encountered many hardships, the pleasurable incidents more than overbalancing any of the discomforts.

They left Greenwich May19th and the events of the journey to California were recorded in an article from the Los Angeles Times reprinted in the Graphic.

From Los Angeles they went to Seattle, and the start home was made July 26th, and the actual time consumed coming to Greenwich was 26 days.

They say they received the most generous and hospitable treatment all along the way, both going and coming and returning crossed all the mountain chains west of New York. They took the route now known as the northern one.

Great prosperity in every section visited by them is reported. The western farmers are not only making a good living but becoming wealthy.

The auto in which they made the excursion is an object of curiosity to all their Greenwich friends, not only because of the distance of 10,000 miles covered without a break or mishap, although in one instance the road was so bad that only 9 miles was made in 15 hours, and it was necessary to improvise a bridge in order to get the auto over a swollen stream.

Also because the names or autographs of enthusiastic admirers in various towns have almost obliterated the paint surface of the auto. They never objected to this friendly indication, as they discovered soon after reaching the a_ west that the motive was one of good will and kind wishes for the successful determination of the long jaunt.

It is of moment to mention that Mr. Mead's dog was the third member of the party and throughout the trip received much attention.