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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Monday, July 3, 2017

(1919) Ninety Years Old: Stillson Benevolent Society Observes Anniversary in Interesting Way

Source: Greenwich Graphic: May 30, 1919

To celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the Stillson Benevolent Society, a unique and most interesting reception was held in the Col. Thomas A. Mead homestead, now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Norman T. Reynolds, on West Putnam avenue, last Saturday afternoon. It was in this house, built in 1797, that the society was organized, Mrs. Elizabeth Webb Mead was its first president.

Forty-seven quilts, made by the members of the society, some dating back to 1831, were on exhibition.

Those who served tea in the tea room were Mrs. T. Merritt Mead, Mrs. Frank V. R. Reynolds, Miss Julia B. Mead, Miss Louise Brush, and Miss Emily Close, direct descendants of the first president.

All wore quaint costumes, some of which dated back to the Revolutionary period. The direct descendants of Col. Thomas. Mead, who acted as conductors and hostesses, were Miss Clara Wright, Mrs. Nathaniel Webb, Miss Amelia W. Mead, and Miss Margaret Mead, who also wore costumes of the early period.

Attired in old-fashioned gowns, Mrs. Robert M. Wilcox, took the admission fee at the door. The officers of the society, Mrs. N. M. Hitchcock, Mrs. James R. Mead, Miss Catherine M. Mead, Mrs. Oliver Huckel, and Miss Susan H. Mead acted as a reception committee and they too wore old costumes.

A large number of people were present at the reception, from Greenwich and nearby towns and cities.