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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Greenwich To The Orient (January, 1924)

Source: Greenwich News and Graphic. Greenwich, Connecticut: Friday, January 4, 1924.

Seventeen Sailing with Dr. Huckel on January 13.

Seventeen persons will be included in the Greenwich group sailing around the world on the great Cunarder "Laconia" on January 13, for a four months cruise.

Those from Greenwich are as follows: Dr. and Mrs. Oliver Huckel, Mr. Charles N. Mead, Miss Julia Mead, Mrs. E.L. Holley, Miss Almira Tubby, Miss Mildred Mead, Miss Anna Stabler, Mrs. Elbert S. Mills, Miss Harriett L. Reynolds, Miss Marion Mead, and these friends are also to be associated with the group: Miss Edith Johnson, of Montclair; Miss Ruth Sackett, of New York; Miss Ruth Renolds, of Colorado; and three former parishioners of Dr. Huckel's at Amherst, Mass., Mr. William A. Burnett, Mr. M.S. Mosman, and Dr. George W. Rawson. Miss Marion Mead will join the cruise at Shanghai, where she has been living for some time.

The route will be New York to Cuba, Panama Canal, California, Hawaii, Japan, China, the Philippines, Java, Singapore, Burma, India, Egypt, the Holy Land, Greece, Italy, France and England. The longest stay will be eighteen days in Japan and China, and eighteen days in India.

Mission fields will be visited by Dr. Huckel and others in Hawaii, Japan, Corea, China, India, and Egypt. The party will celebrate the Greek easter in Jerusalem on April 27. Several of the party will remain in Europe for further travel during the summer. Dr. and Mrs. Huckel expect to return to Greenwich May 23.