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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fortieth Anniversary: Alexander Mead & Opening of First Greenhouses

Greenwich Graphic: December 21, 1907.

Mr. Alexander Mead, due to physical ailment that began to give him some annoyance, took occasion to go away from Greenwich in search of relief. He has gone forth and back the past several years, staying away as much as his affairs would permit. On his return in late fall he found that his general health had been improved, and it has thus far continued so evenly that he is encouraged that he may not soon again be compelled to take a prolonged trip from home.

This is the 40th anniversary of the opening by Mr. Mead of his first greenhouse: and it was not opened with expectation of engaging in the business, rather as a diversion from the prose of farming.

But at once there came such demand that almost without realizing it this enterprise became established, other greenhouses were called for, and ere long the biggest concern of its kind hereabouts was a verity, and has been maintained with notable increase as the years have flitted by. 

Forty years ago the only other greenhouses near here were in Stamford. There was no competition to stimulate effort, but flower culture was his pleasure, the results were choice, and the inclination of the people toward the beautiful being invited, the demand grew and kept growing.  

And down to this Christmas tide it has continued with the resultant large establishment, with its prosperous surroundings and its thousands of lovely flowers, its plants and its foliage and the urgent call. Well it deserves to be known, as it is, as one of the places to see ere a Greenwich visit is enjoyed.

The display now is particularly inviting. Poinsettias, so suitable to the time, are there in perfection. And also are azaleas, cyclamens,  primroses, carnations, violets; and palms, ferns and holly, with wreaths and roping as well as cut flowers to meet every time and requirement.

Mr. Mead welcomes all calls and his green houses will continue to attractive evolution his application of intelligent and up-to-date methods has made possible, in which his personality so pleasingly supplemented.