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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Letter to the Editor: SEAMAN MEAD WAS THERE: Skating Across Long Island Sound in the Winter of 1857 (1912)

Source: Greenwich Press. Friday, March 1, 1912.

*NOTE: See also my article published by Greenwich Time in its March 27, 1994 edition.

TO THE EDITOR OF THE SUN – Sir: The recent frozen condition of the Connecticut harbors brings to mind a little incident that occurred many years ago. Long Island Sound was frozen over, from the Connecticut to the Long Island shore, in the winter of 1857. Many of the young people of Milford enjoyed skating on the ice near the shore, and trips were frequently made to the lighthouses on the islands offshore. Some of the young men, with a spirit of bravado, decided to skate across the Sound. Their preparations were quietly made, for they well knew that it would not be possible to obtain the consent of their parents, and at the time and place appointed by their leader twenty-five young fellows gathered.

Each was equipped with a piece of stout rope, about thirty feet in length, and a pair of skates. The trip to Long Island was safely made. On the return trip the boys landed on one of the small islands off Port Chester, N.Y. One of the twenty-five boys who made the trip is still living, the Hon. Seaman Mead of Greenwich.

Milford, Conn, February 21, H.Y. P. – NEW YORK SUN.

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