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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

E. Belcher Mead Estate Valued at $240,000 (1916)

Source: Greenwich News and Graphic. December 29, 1916. Page 1.

Will Names Widow as Chief Beneficiary-Children Also Provided For

The will of the late E. Belcher Mead, one time representative to the state legislature, who recently died while on a pleasure trip to Havana, Cuba, has been admitted to probate by Judge Stephen Radford. According to the petition filed the deceased left real setae valued at $40,000 and personal property to the value of $200,000. The widow is the chief beneficiary under the provisions of the will.

A sister, Elizabeth H. Mead, will receive $2,000 and a brother, Abram Mead, will receive a life amount. Another brother, Elkanah Mead, will receive $5,000.

The widow is named as executrix in the will to serve without bond. She is directed to deposit $100 in the Greenwich Trust Co., the income from which will be used for the upkeep of the burial plot of the family.

Twenty-five thousand dollars is to be held in trust for the support, education and enjoyment of each of the two children of th deceased, E. Maud Mead, thirteen, and Bradford B. Mead, ten. The income from the funds will be used for the purpose mentioned above and when the beneficiaries attain the age of thirty they will receive the trust fund.

The remainder of the estate is left to Mrs. Mead, widow of the deceased. Judge F.A. Hubbard, a close friend of the deceased, and who was with him when he died, is named as attorney for the estate in the will. The will was drawn November 22, 1916, a few days before Mr. Mead left on his southern cruise and it was witnessed by Bessie S. Sims, W.S. Boswell and D.W. Wood. 

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