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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Friday, December 4, 2015

His 87th Birthday: William Mead Receives Congratulations from a Host of Friends (1913)

Source: Greenwich Press. Wednesday, October 1, 1913. Page 4.

A happy event was ushered in to Mr. William Mead by a "shower" of birthday cards from 107 friends of his circle, young and old, who congratulated him on his 87th birthday, as sent all good wishes for many happy returns of the day. From friends in Brooklyn, New York, and Jersey as well as Greenwich. 

The various comments on the cards were very interesting, as one friend wrote to "Friend Henry: A September colt is a good one," and mentioned others of their friends who were born in September, also telling him to be a good boy and then perhaps he would send him a postal next year. It is not to be wondered that at another friend wrote: "May you keep young for many more happy returns," as it would be difficult to find any one more youthful and vigorous at his age. This thought helps us realize what another friend wrote that "Old age" is but another name for progress on life's highway to the heights. Also what the pastor, the Rev. Mr. Taylor wrote in congratulating Mr. Mead in passing another mile post, and that the next lap be the best of all, the next better still, and so on till the race be won.

A very good letter was received from Mr. Woodward of Boston, superintendent of the N.Y. & New Haven road. He had been informed that Mr. Mead was on the first train from Greenwich to New York Christmas morning, 1848, with John Young (who has passed away since) sixty-five years ago. The train went through Harlem. There they took the Harlem train which landed them in Canal Street. 

He wrote: "Nothing would give me greater pleasure than the meet Mr. Mead, congratulate him upon his age and hear reminiscences of the past that I know would be extremely interesting," and wound up with best wishes for many more years of an active and happy life. 

Mr. Mead wishes to take this opportunity to thank the many friends who remembered him so kindly, also the many who would have done so and they known of it in time.

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