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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Monday, December 28, 2015

"Colored Girl in Nature's Garb" (1919)

Source: Greenwich News and Graphic. Friday, August 15, 1919. Page 1.

Effie Fields, Dressed in Nothing, Helped the Men to Pitch Hay

The orchard on the estate of Oliver D. Mead at Field Point Park was the scene of a real movie," which might have been entitled "The Wilds of Africa," on Wednesday afternoon, when a young colored girl appeared on the property as "September Morn." Aside from a pair of shoes, which she wore, she was in her "birthday suit." 

Judge William J. Ferris, a son-in-law of Mr. Mead, upon being told at his law office that some sort of savage was alarming the natives in that section, hurried to the estate, accompanied by Policemen Scully and McGinty. Upon arriving at the orchard the girl was engaged in pitching hay with John Bridge, Edward Sweeney and some other workmen, and was in a hilarious sort f mood. The officers wrapped a rubber coat about her, and she was taken to police headquarters.

According to her story, she had been out for a swim and left her clothes on shore, and they were washed away by the tide. She gave her name as Effie Fields, of Petersburg, Va., and her age as 12 years, but those who saw her declare she looked to be all of 16 summers. She said that she had been employed in the family of Thomas A. Mead, West Putnam avenue.

Later the girl was sent to the Greenwich hospital for treatment. It is believed that her mind is somewhat unbalanced. She has an aunt living near the Toll gate, West Putnam avenue. 

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