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Sunday, November 1, 2015

'Twas A Jolly Halloween (1899)

Source: Greenwich Graphic. Saturday, November 4, 1899

The Young People about Town Make Merry Celebrating the Evening

Hallowe'en was observed town Tuesday evening, and parties were numerous on that night.

The old-time customs as well as the modern way of enjoying that night were resorted to and much merriment was occasioned thereby. 

It was a stormy night. This interfered somewhat with the plans of the merry gatherings, as many were kept at home who otherwise would have attended the parties. The rain also kept many of the small boys indoors. As a result, signs and gates were not conspicuously absent the following morning.

A jolly time was passed at the home of Miss Clara Belcher Mead on that evening, when about twenty friends gathered to celebrate Hallowe'en. Here they enjoyed a masquerade in sheets and pillow cases, bobbing for apples, fortune telling and various other Hallowe'en methods of pleasures.

Refreshments were served, and about midnight the merry gathering broke up and all left for their homes.

Miss Mildred Ritch entertained about thirty of her friends at her home on Mason street Tuesday evening, the occasion being a barn dance.

The house and barn were decorated with Chinese lanterns, and lanterns made from pumpkins, which appeared very appropriate for the occasion.

About nine o'clock the dancing began, and was continued until past midnight.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mead entertained a number of friends Hallowe'en, at their home on Putnam Avenue, where a very enjoyable evening was spent.

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