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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Henry S. Mead Was Surprised (1899)

Source: Greenwich Graphic, November 1899.

Mr. Henry S. Mead, son of Alexander Mead, was stopped in front of the Lenox house, on Tuesday night about eight o'clock, by three men. He had an employee in the carriage with him driving. One of the men walked up to the carriage asked him if that was a public conveyance, Mr. Mead said, "what's that to you?" at that one of the men caught the whip and broke it in the socket, and commenced to pull off his coat and told Henry to get out.

To which he replied that he had nothing to get out for. Then the man drew off and hit Henry a blow on the breast with his fist. Henry, of course was taken by surprise by such treatment and said "what is the matter with you?" "what do you want?"At that the other two men came up on the opposite side of the carriage and struck Henry's driver twice in the chin and in the head.

Mr. Mead then thought it was about time to look for an officer. In the meantime the men left on an evening train from New York and nothing further has been done in the matter.

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