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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Apples and Cows (Milo Mead, 1899)

Source: Greenwich Graphic. December 30, 1899. Page 1.

NEW LEBANON, CONN. Dec. 25, 1899.

Editor of the Graphic:

There was a statement in the Greenwich News, alias the "Greenwich History," about eight or ten weeks ago, that the cattle in different parts of this town and become drunk by the effect of eating so many apples. That was not the drunkenness of intoxication but of sickness. The apples acted as a cathartic and educed their strength which made them stagger. If a person should drink a quart of sweet cider at once it would make him sick, and he might stagger if he attempted to walk, though he would ______ or guise his family.

Farmers say that the eating apples dries up the milk ____  milk cows. That need not be so if cows are fed a reasonable quantity of apples with hay, say half a bushel at a feeding, twice a day. The apples will increase the quantity of milk and have no injurious effect, except, perhaps, they may choke, the cows, but if they are fed in a manger in a stable, that will seldom happen. If the apples are poured on the ground the master cows will chase the others, and in their eagerness to get the apples they will crowd several into their mouths before they are chewed, and thereby be choked.


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