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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pres. Dole [of Hawaii] and Greenwich: Has Many Friends Here-He Spent Two Years at Round Hill (1898)

Source: Greenwich Graphic. Saturday, January 2, 1898. Page 1.

President Dole, of the Sandwich Islands, the man who is doing more to bring about the annexation of these Islands to the United States than any other one person, is now in Washington. He has just arrived from these Islands of the Pacific. He is here now in the interest of annexation.

He has made himself conspicuous throughout the world by the able manner in which he has carried the Islands through the great difficulties of a change of government.

Of course Greenwich people are interested in him. Why should't they be? His name is Sanford B. Dole, and he was called Sanford out of respect to Sanford Mead.

He was born in 1847 in Hawaii and is the son of Daniel Dole and Emily Ballard, both being natives of Maine. Daniel Dole went to the Sandwich Islands in 1832 as a missionary. His wife died there in 1849, and he married Miss Charlotte Close Knapp Dole, who had gone to the Islands as a teacher, and who was a daughter of Gilbert Close, of Stanwich. Sanford B. Dole really knew no other mother than the second wife of his father.

Rev. Daniel Dole, and his second wife Charlotte Close Knapp Dole, formerly of Greenwich. 

President Dole began his studies in the Sandwich Islands and completed his education in this country. He came to the United States in 1860, when he was 22 years of age, and made his home with Isaac O. Close and wife at Round Hill for two years, and then went to Williams College, from which he was graduated.

He read law in Boston and returned to the Sandwich Islands in 1871. 

In 1873 he married Miss Annie Kate, a young lady from Maine. He met Miss Kate in the Sandwich Islands, where she was visiting, but was married in Maine. Twice since that time he has visited he United States, the last time in 1891.

He practiced law in the Islands and occupied, before he became President, very important positions of trust.

President Dole is a tall man, a little over six feet in height, wears a full beard and weighs about 180 pounds. His presence is dignified and commanding.

He is quite well known in Greenwich, and was the guest in 1891 of the late Charles Mead at Charles Mead Point.

It is hoped that he will not forget that Greenwich is but a short distance from Washington. He would receive a cordial welcome from our townspeople. 

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