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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

CONTEST FOR STUDENTS: Sons of Revolution Offers Prizes for Best Historical Essays (1913)

Source: Greenwich Press. Friday, April 25, 1913. Page 4.

The Connecticut Society of Sons of the American Revolution, early in the winter, in order to foster patriotism, and to encourage the study of events in history pertaining to the struggle for American Independence by the youth of our public schools, offered a prize of $100 in gold and a gold medal of the Society for the best essay upon subjects relating to the same.

The scholars of the five public schools in Greenwich mentioned below, are offered local prizes for the best esssay on the subject, and the winners of the local prices are eligible for the state prize.

The local prizes to consist of a $5 gold coin and a silver medal of the Society.

In grading the essays importance will be given to the research involved in their preparation, and credit will be given each essay upon the following matters in the order named:

(a) Original research involved and its preparation. 

(b) General treatment of the subject matter.

(c) Literary merit in composition.

The competing essays must be delivered to the committee to judge of its merits by May 15th. The winner of the state prize will be announced on June 4th, the anniversary of "Connecticut's Declaration of Independence," and the day of the annual meeting of the State Society.

The donors of the prizes are as follows:

Havemeyer school-W.J. Hoggson.
New Lebanon school-Charles E. Chapin.
Glenville school-E. Belcher Mead.
Sound Beach school-F. Harris Nichols
High School-Frederick Converse Manvel.

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