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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mrs. Caroline Mead Makes Many Bequests (1910)

Source: Greenwich Graphic. June 18, 1910. Page 4.

The last will and testament of the late Caroline M. Mead, with four codicils attached, has been filed in the Probate Court and the former is dated October 26th, 1905, the codicils November 22nd, 1907, March 4th, 1908, June 26th, 1909, and April 6th, 1910.

The following legacies are made:

Greenwich Hospital, located on Milbank avenue, $5000 to endow "The William H. Mead Memorial Bed," and Rev. M.  Geo. Thompson, of Christ Church, appointed to nominate the persons who shall use the bed; Greenwich General Hospital, on Parsonage Road, $1000; Benjamin and Sarah A. Smith husband and wife, of River road, Cos Cob, and their survivors, income of $3000 for life, at their death to Rhoda L. Peck and Lizzie P. Mead, both of Cos Cob, absolutely; to Caroline E. Smith, $3000; to Mary F. Peck, $3000; to Christ Church, Greenwich, $1000; to Clara Hoyt, Van Buren Hoyt, Harriet L. Finch, James H. Finch, Lancely Lockwood, Kenneth F. Lockwood, Paul L. Lockwood, Irving M. June, Lottie B. Marshall and Edward P. Holly, each $100; to Rhoda L. Peck, Lizzie P. Mead, and Elizabeth Selden, each $500; to Christ Church, Trustee, for care of burial ground and for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the will of William H. Mead, late husband of deceased, concerning the burial ground, $1000; to Rhoda L. Peck, a desk; to Lizzie P. Mead, a bureau; to Miriam F. Finch, a table; to Mary F. Peck and Carolyn E. Smith, her clothing; to Mary E. Peck, set of China silver spoons, silverware, all bedding, all other furniture, dishes, books and jewelry; the balance of the estate is divided as follows: One-third part to Mary F. Peck, of Cos Cob, absolutely; they use and income of one-third part to Benjamin P Smith, during his lifetime and on his death to pay over the following legacies: Rhoda L. Peck, $500; to Lizzie P. Mead, $500; to Lottie B. Marshall, $500; to Miriam F. Finch, $200; the balance to Mary F. Peck. 

The use and income of the remaining one third part is given to Carolyn F. Smith during her lifetime, and at her death one-half of said part to Christ Church, Greenwich, to be held as a trust fund, the income to be used toward the support of the church, and the other one-half to Mary F. Peck. H. Stanley Finch and Benjamin P. Smith are appointed as executors and trustees, and authority is given to them to sell the real estate; all inheritance taxes to be paid out of the estate, so that all the legacies, bequests, and devices should be free from such tax. According to the petition, the real estate is valued at $16,000 and the personalty at $34,000. The will and the were executed at Stanford; the other color Siles at Greenwich. Both will and codicils were admitted to Probate, on Wednesday.

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