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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Source: Greenwich Graphic: Saturday, May 8, 1890. 3rd Page.

Tin weddings are usually very pleasant affairs, and that of Mr. and Mrs. S. Irving Mead which was celebrated on Tuesday evening at their residence near Stanwich, was no exception to this rule. About thirty people were warmly received, and hospitality entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Mead on that evening. Many more had been invited, but owing to sickness and other causes were unable to attend. The evening was spent in social pleasures customary at such times. A bountiful collation was spread, enough for three times the number of people present. Mr. and Mrs. Mead received many letter of congratulations, and they were wished "many happy returns of the day" in messages from those unable to be present. They also received many pleasant remembrances, mostly ___ as befitting the occasion, such as tin spice boxes filled with spice from Mr. and Mrs. C. Mead; a tin pan filled with cut flowers from their bachelor friend Mr. W.J. Mead, Jr.; a tin cake box filled with cake from Mr. and Mrs. Will J. Mead; a parlor lamp, not tin from Mr. and Mrs. Smith Fowler; a cake basket from Mr. and Mrs. Colgrove; a patent dripping pan from rev. and Mrs. Potter; a bread raiser, a big tin one, from Dr. B.E. Mead; a night lamp from Mr. and Mrs. E reynolds; some tin ware from Miss S. Hubbard, a hand painted tin plaque from Miss Finch; a porcelain coffee pot, from Mr. and Mrs. L. ferris; some spice boxes from Miss S. Reynolds; tin syrup cup from Mr. and Mrs. Farrington; a sugar spoon from Miss G. Snyder, and numerous other articles from friends such as, jelly glasses, glass tea set, soap shaker, etc. The guests on their departure expressed themselves to the host and hostesses having spent a pleasant evening, and hoped that they would live to celebrate their golden and diamond weddings. 

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