Welcome to our news and history blog!

Welcome to our news and history blog!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Preservation Update: Mead Burying Ground at Cos Cob Mill Pond

The Association announces that Mr. Bobby Keeler is no longer maintaining or providing care for the three family farm plots in Greenwich, Connecticut. 

As a result of an on-site inspection dated July 2, 2015 of the family plot located adjacent to the Cos Cob Mill Pond major tree work and pruning of bushes was initiated. Work started on July 7. 

The following are "before-work" images of the poor condition of the cemetery taken during the July 2 on-site inspection:

Since the first week of July, 2015 the lawn has been cut and trimmed. Selected trees have been removed entirely with more as of today's date -July 30- slated for cutting. 

Likewise, tree limbs have been pruned, especially along the land that connects the cemetery to Relay Place, a dead-end public residential street in Cos Cob.

At the request of neighbors trees and bushes have been removed to allow for improved view of the Cos Cob Mill Pond. 

In less than five days after major cleanup and tree pruning was initiated there are signs of improvement. 
The embankment along the Cos Cob Mill Pond has also been substantially cleaned up. Some rocks from the wall fell into the Mill Pond, probably due to storm conditioned ushered in by Hurricane Sandy several years ago. Efforts to restore and improve the wall along the shore are in process. 

We expect to have additional trees and and around the cemetery site removed, topped and pruned into the month of August. Two cedar trees have died and will need to be removed. An apple tree near the embankment has been pruned back. Various sumac trees and poison ivy vines have been removed, too.


Our neighbors at the end of Relay Place have removed the chain link fence and replaced it with a much more attractive wood-treated one. Remnants of the old fence are near the entrance to the cemetery property. We expect that the old chain link fence will be removed shortly. 

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