Welcome to our news and history blog!

Welcome to our news and history blog!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Buried Gravestones of Dr. Shadrach Mead and his Wife Tammy Mead Uncovered

As stated in the previous blog post, the gravestone of Zetta Mead, wife of Colonel Ebenezer Mead, was returned at long last to the cemetery next to the Second Congregational Church known as New Burial Grounds. 

In the process of repatriating the Zetta Mead gravestone we uncovered two gravestones lying flat under several inches of sod. 

Yes, we were surprised.

The first to be uncovered was the marble marker for Dr. Shadrach Mead, who died September 16, 1844 aged 87 years. 

The listing pictured above in Spencer P. Mead's survey of burials incorrectly states that he died in his 66th year. 

Next to Dr. Mead's gravestone we found the burial marker of his wife, Tammy Mead, who died April 21, 1814 aged 50 years.

Both are adjacent to each other. We suspect that these stones were also damaged a century ago when scaffolding collapsed into the cemetery during a windstorm. 

Are there other hidden gravestones here? We would not be surprised. Be assured that when or if they are found we'll report the news here. 

In the foreground are the rediscovered gravestones of Dr. Shadrach Mead and his wife Tammy Mead. Just beyond the five upright gravestones is the one for Zetta Mead, who died in 1807. 

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