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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Epitaphs on the Gravestones of the Mead Family in Greenwich, Connecticut

Originally published Spring/Summer 2001 by Jeffrey Bingham Mead

If there is any place where time stands still, and where history lies unruffled by the passage of time, it's in a burying ground or cemetery. Calmness, stillness, placidity, and serenity characterize these hallowed settings.

History stands poised by changing trends; the weather-worn stones stand in defiant indifference. Strolling among the graves of our Mead ancestors is a fascinating experience. That's especially true for those seeking to unlock the dim mysteries of our heritage.

Many Mead ancestors are buried in other cemeteries in the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut. A number of these stones are carved with epitaphs. They tell us many things, ranging from particulars about faith in God, tributes to departed loved ones, records of military valor, and much, much more. These have been transcribed from the tombstones, and a few are reproduced here for the enrichment of our family descendants and friends. The name, date of death, and burial site is listed.

Whether the intent is to reinforce moral standards, or record achievements and legacies, epitaphs continue to elicit curiosity. The most expressive and informative inscriptions on Greenwich gravestones voice lament, outline lifetime achievements, teach lessons to the living reader, and offer timely and bewitching warnings from times past.

Lucy, wife of Titus Mead

died April 11, 1804

aged 78 years.

New Burial Grounds Association Cemetery, next to the Second Congregational Church

Here lies a mother kind

A wife most dear;

In her manners mild

Friendship sincere.

Catherine, wife of Jonathan Mead

died May 1, 1841

aged 55 years & 15 days.

Round Hill Cemetery

Dearest Mother thou hast left us

And thy loss we deeply feel

But tis God that hath bereft us

He can all our sorrows heal.

Lewis Mead

died May 7, 1830

aged 30 years, 9 months & 25 days

The Old Burying Ground at North Greenwich

The scene was tranquil and serene

No pain in his look was seen

The Savior smil'd and dispel'd the gloom

And sooth'd his paings to the tomb.

Charity Mead, wife of Joshua Knapp

died November 16, 1842

Knapp Burying Ground, Round Hill

By her integrity, disinterested benevolence, faith and charity, she exemplified the Christian Religion. The death came suddenly she was entirely resigned. Her mind clear and serene, filled with the presence of God, she anticipated meeting her departed friends to enjoy with them the presence of God.

Devoid of envy, selfishness and guile

Resting on Christ with every calm delight

Thro' death's dark vale she passed

without a tear

And faith & hope exchanged for

blissful sight.

Hannah, wife of Darius Mead

died May 5, 1836

aged 65 years, 10 months & 28 days

The North Greenwich Congregational Church Cemetery

Blessed are the dead which die in

the Lord from henceforth.

Be ye also ready for in such an hour

we think not, they Son of man cometh.

Deliverance Mead

died May 3, 1785

67 years

Putnam Cemetery, Greenwich

Oh death! how sudden was thy wait paid

No time allow'd to take a last adieu

This hour in health the next a corpse

was torn from this world his friends

no more to view.

Whitman Mead

Mead Burying Ground, North Greenwich

Died January 29, 1795,aged 29 years.

The body must ascend to earth above

it came by the spirit to God who gave it.

Jared Mead

who perished on the Hudson River

in the sinking of his Schooner the JONATHAN BORAM

by the steamer FRANCIS R. SKIDDY.

Died October 14, 1852, aged 36 years & 3 months

New Burial Grounds Association Cemetery, next to the Second Congregational Church

Husband thou art gone to rest

Thy toils and cares are o'er

And sorrow pain and suffering now

Shall ne'er distress thee more.

Mrs. Keziah Mead, wife of Deacon Abraham Mead

Died April 12, 1826

New Burial Grounds Association Cemetery next to the Second Congregational Church

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord

From henceforth yea saith the Spirit

That they may rest from their labors

And their works do follow them.

Two infant sons of Daniel S. & Huldah Mead

One born April 29, 1838 and died April 30, 1838

The other born January 6, 1842 and died January 9, 1842

New Burial Grounds Association Cemetery next to the Second Congregational Church

Suffer little children to come

Unto me for of such is the

Kingdom of Heaven.

Henry H. Mead

Son of Sanford & Cynthia F. Mead

A member of CO. 1 10th Regt. C.V.,

Having passed through the Battles of Roanoke & New Bern, N.C.

Died of Typhoid Fever at New Bern, N.C. on

April 20, 1862

Aged 21 years, 5 months, 3 days.

New Burial Grounds Association Cemetery next to the Second Congregational Church

Die on the field of battle

Tis noble thus to die

God smiles on valiant soldiers

Their record is on high.

Rise from the field of battle

The Saviours gone before

Who puts his trust in Jesus

Is safe evermore.

Alice, wife of Amos Mead

Died February 17, 1815

Aged 29 years, 11 months, and 7 days

Union Cemetery of the Second Congregational Church

The kindness of her disposition

Endeared her to all her acquaintances

She filled up her life with usefulness and

Duty. Supported her last sickness

With Christian fortitude and had left

In her friends a well grounded hope.

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