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Welcome to our news and history blog!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Burglars Enter Mead Stationary Store Sunday/Police Find Good Taken From Mead's Store Here (1916)

Source: Greenwich News and Graphic. October 17, 1916. Page 1.

Several Kodaks and 300 Fountain Pens Taken By "Key Workers"

A burglary which the police believe is the work of youthful outlaws, was reported on Monday morning when employees ofnthe Mead Stationery Store discovered that about three hundred fountain pens and a number of kodaks were missing. A thorough search of the premises failed to reveal any windows by which an entrance may have been gained and the olive are of the opinion that thieves entered the store by means of a key to one of the doors.

The fountain pens were taken from a large stock which is carried at the Mead store and some of them are valuable. The kodaks are first-class machines and are expensive photographic equipment.

The police are working on the case and have a clue which may lead to arrests before the end of the week.

Source: Greenwich News and Graphic. October 20, 1916. Page 1.

The police have succeeded in recovering all of the loot that was taken from the Mead Stationery store on Saturday or Sunday night, and it is probable that the thief will be arrested in a few days. An anonymous telephone message lead the police to take up the search in the right direction, and true fountain pens and kodaks have been returned to their owners.

The original opinion of the police that the burglary was the work of an amateur key worker seems to have been correct, according to reports. It is believed someone who was familiar with the store obtained a key and made the entry in a bold manner, probably some time Sunday night.

Chief Talbot declined to say where the loot was found, but intimated that some interesting disclosures may be looked for in the early future. 

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